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We`ve got a pleasure to introduce You simple but powerful computer program for all who take care about health by proper diet and sport activity.

Just obesity or disease?
There are many civilization diseases, like diabetes, anorexia, coronary heart disease, all heart diseases and even cancer! Lately, by WHO (World Health Organization), also obesity was included into the inglorious group of civilization diseases. It seems that overweight, or obesity, is no longer cosmetic cause. Today it`s a health problem - it`s illness!

Magic slim drugs...

It`s not a discover if we tell You that extreme obesity may be direct danger to Your life and many other diseases become from overweight. But it`s not a point to scaring You now! Let`s suppose You only want to lose few kg of unnecessary fat. Good idea! Well why don`t You take one small drag? There are thousands of "slim" drags. Fast treatment - few days and You are slim like a model  (by the way You can even eat whatever You want after that). Hmmm... For me it sounds rather ridiculous. You should know that we can`t win the nature. Believe me if there would be any fantastic drag then everybody could be slim!

Our point of view

In our opinion good way (maybe not only one) is proper diet connected with sport activity. Our job is not saying which diet is the best for You. We only want to say that proper diet is not drastically limiting food to slim but well-proportioned selection of nutrients corresponding with daily demand combined with sport activity. Thanks to our calorie counter in relatively short time You will get habit of proper selection of nourishment and it`s mutual dependences.

Also for diabetes

Program will be useful also for diabetic. Our calorie counter counts Carbohydrate Exchange and Protein-Fat Exchange.
Carbohydrates Exchange = Carbohydrates / 10
Fat-Protein Exchange = (Protein * 4 + Fat * 9) / 100

Obesity and overweight pose a major risk for chronic diseases, including type 2 diabetes, cardiovascular disease, hypertension and stroke, and certain forms of cancer.
Fat food, sugar and low physical activity provides not only adults to overweight and obesity. Also children develop the health problems usually seen in adults.

It's a first time in human history, the number of overweight people is the same the number of underweight people.


Overweight is the excess amount of body weight that includes muscle, bone, fat, and water. Obesity is the excess accumulation of body fat. It means that you can be overweight without being obese, eg. a body builder who has a lot of muscle.


Almost 80% of patients with Noninsulin-dependent diabetes mellitus (NIDDM) are obese.


Nearly 70 percent of the diagnosed cases of cardiovascular disease are related to obesity.

Only Americans spend over $33 billion dollars annually on weight-reduction products and services, including diet foods, products, and programs.


Built-in database contain about 1000 ordinary products that can be met almost all around the world! Of course some of them may be rare of even unknown for You but majority will be rather well known!
Naturally You can add your own (simple or multiple) products to database.

Our calorie counter allow You to create many accounts. Now more people can use independently one program.

Calorie counter and more...
This expanded tool will count calories for simple product or multiple meal. Moreover calorie counter will also check value of basic nutrients like fat, proteins and carbohydrates.
Daily capable

By setting up your profile you can automatically calculate individual daily capable for energy, fat, proteins and carbohydrates. After all You can manually change this limits.
Daily balance

Daily balance of eaten nutrients content Carbohydrates Exchange and Fat-Protein Exchange.
On graphs You can check how much You have eaten so far and how much You can still eat (according to your daily capable limits).
Daily energetic balance

Allow You to calculate difference between eaten and burned calories, including BMR factor.
Burned calories and fat estimator


By choosing kind of sport activity from list of over 100 and it's time program will estimate how much calories and fat You have burned.
Weight exchanges

You don't know how much weights one slice of ham or piece of bread? Our table of weight exchanges will help You to estimate weight of many products. Maybe even your kitchen balance become useless!

BMI (Body Mass Index)
WHR (Weist Hip Ratio)
BMR (Basal Metabolic Rate)
PFC (Proteins:Fat:Carbohydrates)
Carbohydrate Exchange
Fat-Protein Exchange

Reports allow You to store multiple information about Your diet. You can create and edit (later) many reports, e.g. weight, nutrients, whr, recipes, etc.

Your diet's progress can be presented on several graphs. Each of them content data from last 20 measurements (saved calculations - You can save data not only day by day) with Your daily capable. 
Easy search

Special option will help You find proper product from long list of categories and subcategories.
Why our calorie counter is a good choice?
  • The price is even few times lower then similar (so expanded) programs or solutions.
  • Program is fully functional - hold one's ground with the best in the world!
  • It's not time limited, no subscriptions and there are no hidden costs.
  • After installation You don't need internet connection to use this program.
  • Our database items are carefully selected. It's not a garbage! We took only the most popular around the world. However You can simply add your own.
  • You can install calorie counter on removable disk and take it everywhere You want - to job, holidays, home, etc.
  • Program can be used for commercial use!

Szybka i bezpieczna płatność - Dotpay health-nutrition :: btw-calorie-counter

People sometimes follow a particular diet for medical reasons. Vegetarians, for example, have a lower risk rate of diabetes and death from heart disease. Sometimes a diet is absolutely essential; for instance, lactose-intolerant patients must avoid dairy products, and sufferers of kidney disease must strictly follow a low-sodium diet. For many people our program will be very helpful in daily diet controlling.

Following a reasonable diet helps maintain a stable weight level. This, apart from the obvious health benefits, reinforces self-control and strengthens the habit of proper food selection.
After few days (maybe weeks) of using this program You`ll learn how to select food and how much You can eat.

If You`ve got any problems, questions or suggestions write us! We always kindly help You and explain each detail of our program. For all comments we`ll be also very thankful!

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