If You feel it’s the time to make next step – to start controlling Your training progress You’ll need some data to do this. Some people need special tools like wireless home-weights, pulsometers, fat meters, step counters, altimeters, gps-tools, etc… If You can afford this and can use it it’s ok. But if You don’t need all this stuff or if just simple pulsometer and stopper is enough then this software might be good solution. Even without any technical stuff (except simple watch) You can estimate distance, burned calories, pace and even advanced factors like vo2max.

You can control Your diet using build-in calorie counter and energy balance calculator. For people who need training plans there’s training plan builder and possibility of import existing plan definitions. There are much more tools like shoes statistics and their life-time estimator, target heart rate calculator, etc… (more or less useful for You). Finally You can watch Your progress on charts or use report viewer to check, print or export training data.


Resuming Multiple Running Calculator is a complete solution: sport log, advanced running calculator, calorie counter and training plan keeper. It calculate and store most important training data like time, distance, pace, energy, etc… It’s recommended as well for absolute beginners as for advanced runners.

"Life is short... running makes it seem longer"

                                                                 (Baron Hansen)

  • Estimating distance
    • Calibrating program with actuality estimator
    • Three methods of distance estimating
    • Accuracy improvement by advanced settings
  • Tracking Your progress (eg. VO2MAX)
  • Graphs
  • Energy balance
  • Advanced calorie counter
  • Training plans
    • Possibility of import and export
    • Custom training plans
  • Shoes lifetime estimator
  • Reports
  • Export to .xls and .pdf


  • Improve Your efficiency and health by controlling training zone.
  • Exercise with training plan (custom or verified).
  • Count eaten and burned calories - then compare them in daily balance.
  • Check the lifetime of Your shoes basing on distance and training frequency.
  • Calculate Your pace, VO2Max, BMI, WHR, MHR, distance, training zones and MUCH more...

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How to measure pulse?

There are two ways to measure it. First You can use pulsometer - special tool that can do it precisely and continuously. Usually it's a watch like and basic models doesn't cost too much. It's recommended to use it.
However the second way is to use your finger.
Then You should use two fingers - index and middle (but not thumb, because it has a pulse of its own and can interfere with an accurate count). Check the pulse at wrist or neck (like on the picture). Count to 15 and multiply the result by 4 - You will get the pulse. Repeat the measurement few times during the training and take the average value.


Simple tutorial shows only some basic features like settings, calibrating, estimating distance or using training plans and diet module. To see them click on link below:

PART 1 - here...

PART 2 - here...

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